EnGen Bio announces positive results of a key challenge experiment toward the development of a universal flu vaccine

EnGen Bio announces positive results of a key challenge experiment toward the development of a universal flu vaccine

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San Francisco, CA — April 25, 2024 EnGen Bio LLC, a research-stage biotechnology company focused on a universal strategy for preventing and treating all Type A influenza strains, has announced the attainment of a key preclinical milestone in its research toward the development of a universal Type A influenza vaccine.

“Building on previous positive results with our universal Type A influenza antibody therapy, we are highly encouraged by the recent results to optimize our universal vaccine immunogen,” said CEO Mark Alfenito. “Conjugated to a carrier protein, the latest iteration of the immunogen produced statistically significant protection in an animal model—this challenge experiment achieved a goal that we’ve been working toward since our discovery of the novel, virus-neutralizing epitope antigen.”

When immunized mice were infected with a 2X LD50 dose of pandemic influenza virus (LD50 is a dose of virus that when given to mice will kill 50% of them; 2X LD50 is twice that lethal dose), roughly 75% of the mice survived. In mice treated with a placebo, only 40% survived, which represents a statistically significant result.

Additionally, when mice were administered a larger viral challenge of 3X LD50, roughly 50% of the immunized mice survived, versus only 20% of placebo-treated mice. Though this fell short of statistical significance, the Company is very encouraged by the positive activity demonstrated. These data indicate that the target immunogen works, and further optimization should bring protection within reach for mice exposed to a 10X LD50 dose of any Type A influenza virus strain.

These results were obtained via a protein-based format. However, the company has also formulated the immunogen in an mRNA vaccine format, which is the form of many currently approved COVID vaccines.

Type A influenza is responsible for ~80% of all seasonal flu infections and over 96% of flu hospitalizations annually. Mortality rates from flu are high—seasonal flu causes 50,000–250,000 deaths worldwide annually, which taxes the capacity of healthcare systems. Moreover, all currently available flu vaccines are based on a predictive seasonal model that requires annual immunization but routinely fails to provide coverage.

About EnGen Bio
EnGen Bio is an early stage biotechnology company whose lead program focuses on developing an effective, easy-to-manufacture, shelf-stable vaccine and therapy to confer long-term immunity to all Type A influenza strains, including all flu pandemics, all Type A seasonal flu strains, and all animal flu strains.

For additional information contact: info@engenbio.com

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